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Jeffrey Leal

Research Associate

I aim to participate in the process of enhancing the quality and access of healthcare through the development and deployment of novel information technology as it relates to medical imaging. My role as the Technical Director of the Image Response Assessment Team (IRAT) laboratory puts me in the unique position of interfacing and collaborating on multiple clinical trials, thus exposing me to the breadth of possibilities imaging science can bring to the research of disease diagnosis and assessment. My role as a faculty member within a clinical imaging unit brings me face to face with the reality of the personal impact of disease and only serves to further drive and motivate me to bring these worlds together in the pursuit of better and more accurate disease diagnosis and assessment in the hope of achieving better outcomes.

On this site you will find downloads for some software I have developed in the pursuit of my mission. The software is free to use, though I ask that you properly credit its use in any publications or work of your own where it has been of value. Please check back frequently as I will update this site when possible with new and enhanced versions when available.

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Full Installation for 64-Bit Windows with bundled JRE

This MSI file provides a full installation for a 64-Bit Windows systems with an embedded JRE environment. This deployment  requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM memory to dedicate to the application (though it can use more if available).

Current version: 2.0.0


JAR Only

This ZIP file contains Imager-4D as an executable jar. After extracting the file you can run the file directly on systems equipped with a suitable Java w/FX virtual machine.

Current version: 2.0.0

Imager-4D User Manual

Good to Know

This is an accompanying user manual for Imager-4D which describes advanced installation options as well as a brief overview of the program functionality.

Sample Data

A Dynamically Acquired Whole-Body [18F]-FDG PET/CT Study

This ZIP file contains a sample [18F]-FDG Dynamically acquired Whole-Body PET/CT study. Unzip the downloaded filed and follow the instructions in the included README.txt file to load the data into Imager-4D.

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